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Gander Real Estate Info

Buying or Selling a House is one of the Biggest Decisions you and your family will make.  As your Local Military Relocation Expert you can Trust me to always get the best price for you, whether Buying or Selling.  My experience, local knowledge and education will ensure you always get the best possible service and results in the Gander Real Estate market.

Best Home Buying Advice

When you start house hunting, you’re probably getting snowed with advice from well-meaning friends and family members on Shopping for a New Home Tipswhat to watch out for and how to negotiate offers … and plenty more. That’s all fine if you have an insatiable appetite for info, but what if you’re a bit more discerning about the tips and tricks you want delivered your way?

Get your Mortgage Pre-Approved, talk to your Bank, Accountant or Financial Adviser to ensure you know your upper price range when shopping for a home.  Beware of Real Estate Agents trying to up sell you.  Flatly refuse to look at homes that are priced above your set limit.  You don’t want to end up “House Rich and Cash Poor”.  One of the biggest things you have to consider in this decision is your lifestyle – and the cost of maintaining it.

Do not Buy a Home based on emotions.  Experts say this can be quite common with first-time buyers. Check the emotions at the door and think with your head. Always keep in mind the re-sale value of the home you want to purchase, and remember that in real estate it’s all about location, location, location.   Military and RCMP personnel have to be mindful of getting caught in a “Buyer Market” when they are selling and possibly facing a “Seller Market” at their new location.

Best Home Selling Tips

Ensure your Home is Priced Accurately for Location and Neighborhood.   Listen to your Professional Realtor and ask questions about how they arrived at their price.  Some eager Realtor’s will gladly List your Home at the Price you think its worth just to get the Listing.   This can be a Two Edged Sword,  you may even get a lot of viewings and traffic at Open Houses.  Experienced Realtors will use your Over Priced home to help sell a nearby home that is more reasonably priced.   Also you can expect a phone call after 2 or 3 weeks to discuss Lack of Interest and having to Lower the Price.   You gamble that the Perfect Buyer for your home may have moved on to another property due to over pricing home.

Home Staging makes your home more appealing.  Getting rid of Clutter is Job One to ensure your home doesn’t present itself as too small for family living.  After a Good Home Staging you may even think about staying in your home.  Do not start plugging in air fresheners all over the house.   If you know someone is coming bake something appetizing that smells good, like cookies.  Leave them out on a plate with a note for “Potential Buyers” to enjoy.

Open houses can be intrusive but have shown to get results.  If your home is located in an area close to major traffic, that is generally indicative of a reasonable expectation that the open house signs will pull in visitors. I advertise all Open Houses online. Many a home buyer has had no desire to buy a home until she spots an open house and subsequently falls in love.

Professional Photography is a must into today’s internet and MLS environment.   It’s not enough to just get the angle right in the photo, the most popular photos are rich in color and depth, and they entice. Ask to approve the virtual tour or photo tour before it publishes.

Military & RCMP Relocation Realtor

As your Local Military Relocation Expert I know how hard it is to move your family at a moments notice, and I also understand how frustrating it can be going through a relocation move during your military career. We know there are lots of obstacles, stress and time-constraints when making these moves, and we’re here to help make this transaction and any others in the future, stress-free. We decided, after seeing many families struggle to find information regarding their move, the new city, schools and try to jam it all into a week of looking and purchasing a large investment, that we should make things even easier on families. You can find information on local schools, hospitals, information on the Brookfield process and tips for buying or selling your home. 

Contact Sherry Lynn Gillingham to discuss your upcoming move or to arrange for your House Hunting Trip.  Sherry Lynn is your Local Expert and can help make your Buying or Selling Process as “Stress Free as Possible”

Phone Sherry Lynn 709-651-2929
Email Sherry Lynn  [email protected]

Trust your Local Military and RCMP Relocation Expert whether Buying or Selling