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Finding the RIGHT OTTAWA REALTOR who is up-to-date and current with Military Relocations and Brookfield Policies is paramount to having a successful and stress-free posting.  Browse through our supplied PDF link to the latest Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation program directive. Brookfield manages the CF relocation directive.

There are Three Components which explain your entitlement when Posted to a new Military Base.  

Your relocation package will consist of these three components:  Core Items, Custom Items and Personalized Items.

  • The Core component covers items that are considered essential for your move such as cost to sell your existing property or dispose of your rental unit, cost of your House Hunting Trip (HHT) etc.
  • The Custom component cover items that enhance your move such as marketing incentives on your existing property to help it sell, bridge financing and costs associated with your extended family.
  • The last component is non essential but attributable to your move such as a Movement Grant, Posting Allowances and others.

Core Component Covered by DND

Core benefits are essential to a move. All core benefits are funded directly by the Department. A member is not required to use these benefits, however any unused benefits cannot be exchanged or assigned any monetary value to pay for any other benefits or expenses.

Examples of items covered

  • Disposal of your rental unit. Pay for getting out of lease
  • Pay for costs to sell your residence,all real estate commissions and legal fees etc,mortgage breaking penalties, home equity assistance
  • Costs associated with your house hunting trip such as travel and hotels
  • Cost to purchase new house including legal fees, inspections
  • Cost to move such as moving expenses, travel etc.

Custom Items Covered by DND

Custom benefits enhance a move. Custom funding is based on the factors of type of accommodation, distance traveled and family size. The custom funding formula is used by the member to pay for these custom benefits only and cannot be used for any other type of benefit.

Examples of items covered

  • Building Inspection on your existing property
  • Marketing Incentives such as decorating allowances, early closing incentives
  • Cost to have someone take care of your children on HHT
  • Dependant and Extended Family Travel
  • Bridge Financing
  • Interest on $25,000 Home Relocation Loan
  • Miscellaneous Expenses for Extended Family such as transportation, lodgings, meals and miscellaneous expenses
  • Car rental when primary vehicle shipped
  • Shipment of – Second Vehicle, Pets, Boats, Antiques, Artwork, RV’s, Trailers
  • Miscellaneous Shipping Expenses
  • Spousal Employment Search expenses

Personalized Items Covered by DND

Personalized benefits are non-essential expenses but are attributable to a move It is within the member’s discretion to use personalized benefits. The personalized funding formula is available for use in three ways:

  • it can pay for any personalized benefits;
  • it can pay for additional custom benefits beyond what can be covered by the custom-funding formula; and
  • remaining funds can be cashed out and paid directly to the member.

Examples of items covered

  • Movement Grant: Members receive a non-accountable grant in an amount of $650. This allowance is intended to offset various losses or expenses incurred but not specifically provided for because of the move. Members must sign a statement verifying that these expenses were incurred. Receipts are not required.
  • Posting Allowance:Members who elect not to sell their home receive an incentive equal to 80% of the pre-negotiated corporate real estate commission rate based on the appraised value of the home. It shall not exceed $12,000. Members can generate Personalized Funding as a result of savings on HHT.These savings can occur in one of two ways:
    • Shortened HHT
    • CF Service Air


Our Pledge to You:

  • To contact you immediately by phone, discuss your individual situation and what you are looking for you in your new home, neighborhood, schools etc.
  • Provide you with detailed maps on different areas of the city including school information, public transportation, recreation facilities, grocery stores, restaurants and social amenities.
  • Assist you with hotel reservations and car rental for your trip.
  • Pick you up and tour you around the city to give you a feel for what Ottawa has to offer.
  • Work exclusively with you in the time you have to find your home. Our team is available and at your disposal the entire time you are here.
  • Provide a “Moving to Ottawa” guide book complete with contact information for anyone you will need to reach out to in your move, including trusted lawyers, bankers, movers, locksmiths, doctors, dentists etc.
  • Assist you with any pre-move appointments you have set up at your home, prior to getting here.

Some Items to Know About Ottawa


Ottawa was named one of the coldest capitals in the world. That does not mean it’s super cold with no snow. Otawa can be super cold with snow and ice, with snow storms almost every week in the winter. In the summer the heat is pretty unbearable in July and August due to the humidity. 

Ottawa Neighbourhoods

Barrhaven, Kanata and Orleans are all huge neighbourhoods in Ottawa. People love to make fun of all three, and if you familiarize yourself with them, you’ll be able to see why people make these jokes. You can also check out a restaurant in each neighbourhood to see what you like, if that’s easier for you. Ottawa is known as a big but small city.

Parks and Nature

Gatineau Park is one of the most beautiful things about the city. With all the parks, greenery and trails we have, most people don’t feel the need to get away from the city that often because it’s the best of both worlds. From downtown, Gatineau Park is only about a 20 minute drive and it’s totally worth it for the views, the exercise and just being out in nature. 

Why Move to Ottawa

Ottawa frequently ranks in the world’s best cities to live in. It has green spaces, public transportation, cultural institutions, an educated community, employment opportunities, affordable housing, a bilingual population, and more. Ottawa has much to be proud of. More and more people are becoming aware of Ottawa’s advantages: A study by Canadian Business ranked Ottawa as Canada’s best place to live based on incomes, car ownership, unemployment rate, housing, weather and lifestyle. Cultural factors were a key element of Ottawa’s high ranking.

Ottawa is the nation’s capital and the fourth largest urban region in Canada. It includes over 1.4 million people, 66% of whom live in Ottawa and the rest in neighbouring municipalities, including Gatineau (located across the Ottawa River in Quebec). A special feature of the region is that both English and French are widely spoken and reflected in the City’s culture and commerce.  Ottawa is also multicultural with a large and growing immigrant population that enriches the city.

On the economic front, Ottawa is a major economic engine, offering jobs and opportunities in high tech industries, government, and important sectors such as health and education. The City is home to world- class research centres, top notch academic institutions and operations by major international companies.

Employment Stability

Everyone knows that Ottawa is a government town. This means jobs in a wide variety of departments requiring a wide variety of skills. It also means we’re a bit more economically stable, because we’ve got that buffer of employment that isn’t dependent on resources, manufacturing or services. There are layoffs sometimes by both Conservative and Liberal governments from time to time, but all things considered you don’t get the fluctuations you see with cities dependent on other sectors.