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FAQ for RCMP & Military Relocation to Halifax

As an Experienced and Approved Brookfield Relocation Real Estate Agent I can assist you and your family with the preparations required to either, buy a new home or selling your existing home.  Whether Posted into Halifax or Posted out I can offer my expertise to make that transition as Stress Free as possible.

What Help Can you Provide to a Military Family?

I can help you with every aspect of  your relocation package and I commit to make your move easier. There can be so many hiccups that come with moving and starting again in a new community, whether it is a new base or just a temporary posting. There are so many things you need to remember, like changing your address, letting your banks & insurance companies know that you are moving, changing schools, etc. But before you make all of those arrangements, you need to know where you are being posted, when you have to move and how to make the move.  Call me for any advice or information I can assist you with.

What is Your Military Experience with Moving?

I am an approved Brookfield GRS Real Estate agent for both Military and RCMP personnel.  I have been a preferred supplier on the Brookfield IRP Preferred Vendor List for many years.  Over my career as a Halifax Real Estate agent I have helped many Military & RCMP personnel with their posting requirements.

Please call or email me to receive the information you need to make your move less “Stressful”

How Long will my House Closing take in Halifax?

The typical length of a Real Estate Closing Date in Halifax is from 6 to 8 weeks.  This can change at anytime and can often vary depending on time of the year.  Call me to discuss the current time frames.

What Will You Provide for my House Hunting Trip?

Hopefully you will have contacted me prior to coming on your House Hunting Trip.  This way we will have determined what you and your families Priorities and Requirements are.  Together we will have picked out neighborhoods, price ranges and required nearby amenities.   Schools, Daycare, Doctor’s and Employment Opportunities can all be important requirements.

This will save valuable time when you arrive, as we will not be looking at homes that are not suitable, not in your price range or provide for the needs of your family.

I will do my best to completely clear my schedule from when you arrive until it is the time for you to leave; that way, I can give you my utmost attention. My goal is to find you the best home possible during the time that you are here.

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Yes you definitely will require a Home Inspection.  When purchasing a home you are making one of the biggest investments that you and your family will probably make.  A qualified home inspector can ensure you are not going to be surprised with unexpected repairs or expensive system replacements like furnaces or a/c units.  He can also determine if work on the home was done by qualified trades persons and often even if a Building Permit was taken out and the work inspected.

Do you Have Anyone you can Recommend?

When you arrive I will provide you with a List of Local Home inspectors, Real Estate Lawyers, Insurance Companies and Mortgage Brokers if required.   I do not personally recommend any individuals but allow you to contact and discuss your requirements with the different individuals prior to making a decision.

Can You Provide Information on MLS Listings for Us?

Yes I can.  If you find a home you are interested on MLS or any website I can provide you with all the details.  I can email you all the MLS details and information I would have available being a Local Real Estate Agent.   I can also do comparative analysis to ensure that potential home is not overpriced based on similar homes.

Which Hotel do You Recommend for Halifax?

The Holiday Inn Express on Kearney Lake Road, on the outskirts of Halifax. With a variety of services and facilities to choose from , such as an indoor pool, hot tub, or exercise equipment, this hotel should accommodate all of your needs. You can reach them at 902-445-1100.

The Lakeview Inn and Suites located in the Bayers Lake Business Park, just outside of Halifax. This Inn has a unique outside enclosed patio for you to enjoy, as well as an exercise room or indoor pool, whatever your preference. Give them a call at 902-450-3020 or toll free at 1-877-355-3500 to make your travel arrangements.