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Edmonton Relocation Realtor

Edmonton Relocation Realtor

As part of the Canadian Armed Forces Military, you will more than likely move more than once in your career. Military relocation is a fact of life and there are many details to consider relocating to a new community.All

All our Realtor’s are BGRS IRP Approved Service Providers with the DND Integrated Relocation Program and by connecting with them before your house hunting trip, they will provide a variety of resources to share with you to help facilitate your move to make it as stress-free as possible! Learn more about buying with a relocation specialist on your Edmonton house hunting trip or book your HHT today!  Planning Your House Hunting Trip Guide

Edmonton Relocation Realtor

Our Local Real Estate Expert will ensure you get the “One on One” attention you deserve.  Relocation is a big change and we want to make sure you are prepared. Being properly prepared for when you relocate is the most important thing you can do to have an easy relocation  You will receive the Latest MLS Listings. Our professional level of service includes the following:

  • Help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage
  • Analysis of your needs and wants
  • Advise on neighborhoods, homes and prices
  • Send you emails of homes that fit your criteria
  • Show you homes in any neighborhood, listed by any agent, any company
  • Provide you with a Market Evaluation
  • Help you obtain a home inspection, lawyer, and other services and specialists
  • Keep you informed along the way

Relocating to Edmonton will allow to enjoy a wonderful place to live.  One reason but not the least of which is our incredible river valley – the largest urban park in North America (22 times bigger than Central Park in New York City!). The river valley offers all kinds of recreational opportunities such as hiking, running, biking and cross country skiing on the over 1400 km of trails that wind through the center of Edmonton.  Canoeing or kayaking down the river is an incredible way to experience Edmonton, and a round of golf in the middle of the most northern major metropolitan area in North America can’t be beat.

Relocating to Edmonton will be an exciting time and a great experience for you. Relocation moves have a whole different set of circumstances than the typical real estate transaction. We have addressed these specific concerns for many families moving to Edmonton and area.

CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Edmonton is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The base includes a group of major installations in the Edmonton capital region. The main base is named Steele Barracks, after Major General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele of the Northwest Mounted Police. It is also known as the Edmonton Garrison.

The base occupies 2,550ha in Sturgeon County on the north-east border of the City of Edmonton.

CFB Edmonton history

CFB Edmonton was established at an old airfield known as Blatchford Field. The airfield commenced operations after WWI. During WWII the airfield became a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) training station under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

The base was home to flying schools such as No. 16 EFTS, No. 2 AOS and No. 4 ITS, No. 16 EFTS (closed in 1942) and No. 2 AOS (closed in 1944). It later formally became RCAF Station Edmonton. The RCAF squadrons and units located at the base were a SAAF B-29 bomber detachment, a survival school and the RCAF Winter Experimental Establishment (WEE).

During the war the airfield served as a staging point for the US defence of Alaska and was largely used by the US forces. The aerodrome was used by cargo aircraft to support the construction of the Alaska Highway. Since the expansion of the old airfield was not possible due to its proximity to the city of Edmonton, the US Government built a new airfield at Namao, about 11km north of the city. The Namao airfield was run by the US until the end of the war and was transferred to Canada in 1945.

Posting Expense Information

Edmonton Military Moving Compnay

What am I entitled to?

As soon as you get your posting message make an appointment with Brookfield. They will walk you through the procedure and clearly explain what benefits you’re eligible for. They are VERY GOOD at explaining everything. I’ve had positive experiences with Brookfield representatives on several different bases and even did one move completely by phone and email.

First you will need to do your house hunting trip (HHT) before you move.  House Hunting Trips have to be booked through Brookfield first in order to claim expenses.  See Brookfield first! You may not even be entitled to an HHT if you move to a PMQ. If you’re not entitled to an HHT you may be entitled to a DIT (Destination Inspection Trip). DITs are shorter than HHTs and there are different eligible expenses. DITs are often taken so that the children can be enrolled in a new school ahead of time or specific services (medical) can be determined before the family moves.

Brookfield will help you coordinate your move so that you go from one house directly to the other with minimal time being “homeless”. This is called the door-to-door move. The CF has approximate travel times between the Bases and this is used to help calculate the timing of the door-to-door move.

Items not allowed to be packed include:

  • Biohazards – syringes, needles
  • Compressed gasses – propane tanks, fire extinguishers, spray paint
  • Corrosives – bleach and other cleaners
  • Flammables – everything from matches to glue to hairspray to shoe polish
  • Liquids – everything from food colouring to wine to windshield washer fluid
  • Radioactive material