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Authorized Milirtary Relocation Experts Head

Welcome to our Canadian Military IRP & RCMP Relocation Site

All our Realtors are Authorized Military Relocation Experts who are dedicated to putting their knowledge of DND requirements to ensure your next posting is as “stress free” as possible

Authorized Military Relocation Experts

All our Realtors are Authorized Military Relocation experts who are dedicated Brookfield Approved Real Estate Agents to putting their knowledge of DND requirements to ensure your next posting as “STRESS FREE” as possible.

Operating across five continents, including 28 military base locations and four regional offices across Canada, Brookfield GRS has provided over 16 years of relocation services to the Government of Canada. Each year, Brookfield GRS has over 20,000 relocations and proudly uses over 8,000 suppliers which participate in our Global Relocation Services.


What We Do For our Military and RCMP Members !

We will provide you with a Relocation Package which will help you to determine what requirements are best suited for your families Canadian Military Relocation Familyneeds. We guarantee that your needs will always be at the forefront in our joint venture.

We will also help you with your House Hunting Trip, including Hotels, Mortgages, Car Rentals and provide you with our undivided attention for this intense period of time. We will also help with lawyers, insurance agents and home inspection.

Our local knowledge and expertise can help you refine your “house hunting requirements” before you even leave on your house hunting trip. We can assess your families requirements and make suggestions based on the information you supply. Let us do the work, you make the decisions and your families financial investment will be protected and enhanced by using our local IRP Relocation Expert.

How New Real Estate Commission Cuts Affect You

The roll out of the new BGRS ( formerly Brookfield Global Relocation Services ) is replacing personnel contact with a manned call out center.  Not sure if Call Out center is to be located in India or Africa, or other third world location.  

Relocates will now be given a Cash Debit card to pay for expenses etc.   Hope this is not part of famous Phoenix Payroll modernization.

The most obvious impart will be the reduction of Real Estate Commission Fees which be paid to Realtors. 

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FAQ's for Military & RCMP Relocations

What Help Can You Provide Us?

All our GRS approved agents are fully trained in understanding your relocation package.  Our Mission Statement is to make your move Easier and as Stress Free as possible.  Moving your family to a new house in a new town can be overwhelming. There are so many things you need to remember, like changing your address, letting your banks & insurance companies know that you are moving, changing schools, etc. But before you make all of those arrangements, you need to know where you are being posted, when you have to move and how to make the move. Our trained agents understand the complexities of your situation and I can help your family along the way.

Our Relocation Experience

Canada’s Largest Relocation Network

Our trained agents have successfully moved thousands of RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces members across the county. All our agents are listed with the Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) and are all experts and top rated Realtor’s in their area. We provide the expertise of individuals who know their local communities and real estate market intimately.

Choose your Province and Local Area from Links Below and we can start to find the perfect home for you and your family.

Step by Step Homebuying Guide

Homebuying Information Links

Canada Mortgage and Housing –  Step by Step Guide to Buying a home.
Click on the above link to access a Great resource from Canada’s authority on Homebuying and the Real Estate Market.


Debt Service Calculator

Debt Service Calculator

This calculator will help you compare the level of your monthly debt and housing expense payments to your gross monthly household income. Your Mortgage Professional will perform this assessment when qualifying you for a mortgage.

When searching real estate listings for a new home, the first step is to determine how much you can afford. Affordability is based on the household income of the applicants purchasing the house, the personal monthly expenses of those applicants (car payments, credit expenses, etc.), and the expenses associated with owning a home (property taxes, condo fees, and heating costs). The calculator below will show you the maximum purchase price that you can qualify for.

You also need to determine if you have enough cash resources to purchase a home. The cash required is derived from the down payment put towards the purchase price, as well as the closing costs that must be incurred to complete the purchase. 


How far ahead of my COS date should I plan my house hunting trip?

Typically you plan for 8-9 weeks would be a good time given the fact that the average closing date is 6 weeks to two months in most real estate markets. We recommend contacting your Local Military Relocation Expert to assess current trends in that area.

We recommend using our  House Hunting Checklist.   This handy guide can help you ensure all the small details will get taken care of.


Frequently Asked Questions about BGRS

When Can I Contact BGRS?

BGRS can offer our services once official authorization from your employer has been received. Answers
to specific questions regarding benefits and entitlements are based on the information contained
in that authorization. Until such time, we invite you to review the information contained in this website,
particularly, the CFIRP Directive as well as the Welcome Booklet.

When Can I Pre-Register

You can Pre-register once you receive  your posting message, proceed to and pre-register, please keep in mind it can take up to 1 week for your employer to download your file to BGRS.

How Do I pre-register?

You will need an on-line computer and a copy of your posting message to pre-register at The online program will request that you fill in the information according to your posting message, entering your last name and service number (with no spaces) identical to the data on the posting message.

Registration Authorization by Employer

Once authorized by employer the program will match the information from your employer with your pre-registration and send your password and User ID via email. You will then be able to complete the registration process. If you have not received your password and/or User ID, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

Please note that it may take up to five (5) business days to authorize your file after receipt of your
posting message.
If you are a release member please note that you are required to contact the release section in
order to commence the process of establishing your final relocation prior to contacting BGRS

When do I meet by Advisor?

On successful registration, a BGRS Advisor will be assigned and contact you within two (2)
business days to discuss your relocation intentions and book your 1
st Planning Session.