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Montreal Military DND Relocation Realtor


Pascal Tremblay has years of experience helping local buyers find the finest properties and negotiating the best deals. Knowing the local real estate market and where it is heading is what our business is based on.

Whether Buying or Selling – Our Priority is our Client!

Call Pascal today for a Free Market Analysis of your Home or for Answers to Questions about the current Montreal Real Estate Market.



Trust the Local Experts

With Pascal Tremblay’s  extensive traning with Keller Williams Momentum and expertise with the local area, Pascal is well equipped to assist you throughout your home-buying process. Pascal maintains an extensive list of DND-approved contacts for lawyers and home inspectors. This service is designed to make your home-buying, or selling, process as smooth as possible.

When helping you relocate to a new home, Pascal makes sure that your top priorities are taken into consideration. For families, nearby schools and other neighborhood features are particularly important. He is happy to provide a list of options that can be tailored to your desired price range. Richard also helps with inspections, negotiations, and closings.

ReMax Sales Representatives Know Communities

Your Local Real Estate Experts

Keller Williams Momentum sales representatives live and work in the communities of buyers and sellers they represent. As a result, sales representatives know area market conditions, including price and availability and have access to current financing and mortgage rates to help ease the stress associated with buying or selling a home.

Our extensive training also means sales representatives understand the legal complexities associated with a home purchase or sale, including titles, taxes, surveys as well as negotiable parts of a contract — all to help clients secure the best possible terms.

The Power of MLS®

Through our Royal LePage Listing Service sales representatives have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS), an electronic database which offers a host of information on a property, including detailed property features, real estate taxes, and the recent sale prices of homes — tools that can help determine the true value of a home. MLS® information is updated constantly; sales representatives have access to homes the minute they become listed in the system.

As your search begins, Michael Di Berardo, your Local  Relocation Expert,  will want to know the answers to these questions:

Where have you selected to live?

What style of home do you wish to buy — Detached, Townhouse, Condo, etc.?

How much mortgage have you been pre-approved for?

Are there any special features or requirements you need in your home?

Based on your answers they will begin showing you house on the market that match those criteria. How quickly you discover the home your dreams will vary greatly, you could find it when you view that first home or you might look at a number of homes with none of them catching your interest. Rest assured, the home you’re looking for is out there, and when you find it, you’ll be ready to make an offer.

Your Royal LePage Sales Representative will provide expert advice on how to prepare your offer but ultimately it’s your offer and all the decisions are yours.

Your ReMax Hallmark Sales Representative will arrange to have your offer presented to the Seller through the listing agent and advise you if they accept, reject or counter your offer and provide you with good advice you will need to proceed.

If your offer is accepted, the next steps are closing and moving into your new home once all conditions are met. If your offer is rejected and another offer was accepted, then it’s time to continue your search. If you offer is countered, you can accept their counter offer, reject it, or make a counter proposal of your own. Your sales representative will guide through each of these scenarios.

Once your offer has been accepted, Richard Nassour, will monitor the progression of your offer, ensuring that all conditions are met on time and ensuring things progress properly until closing.


Features of Your House Hunting Trip at Bradford

  • Our Experienced Local Agents will communicate with you and your family to determine your exact needs.  We can communicate by phone, Skype or email.
  • All new listings that match your criteria will be automatically sent to you.  Follow up communication can further fine tune your needs and requirements.
  • We will book appointments for all of the properties that interest you, coordinate a home showing schedule and provide a list of recommended accommodations for your House Hunting Trip.
  • On arrival in Bradford area you will be given all the Listings that met your criteria and a List of Home Inspectors and Lawyers to assist in your purchase.
  • We will attend your home inspection with you and schedule two walk-through appointments of your purchased property before the closing date.
  • We can provide information on  schools, recreation, and any other information if required.