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Edmonton Military Relocation Expert

Edmonton's Relocation Realtor

We help Military Personnel and their Families when Moving to Canadian Forces Base Edmonton.

Edmonton’s Military IRP Relocation Expert. Approved by Brookfield BGRS. Call us for your next House Hunting Trip. Whether Buying or Selling our Expertise can make your Move Stress Free.

As a member of Brookfield Global Relocation Services, I can help to make this transition easier and take care of the finer details for you. Here is a summary of what I can do to make your move as easy as possible:

  • Provide Listings that match your criteria to find the perfect property for you.  As Edmonton’s Top Relocation expert I provide the guidance and information you need to make an informed decision. I am familiar with the suburbs closest to CFB Edmonton, such as North Edmonton and St. Albert. Based on your preferences, whether it is parks, great schools, or an assortment of amenities, I can provide comprehensive community information to ensure it is right for you and your family.
  • I can provide you with the information needed to help you to prepare a target house value limit. This will include a complete cost-of-living comparison including local property taxes, cost of utilities, price of groceries, and other day-to-day expenses. This will enable me to accurately find  homes within your targeted price range, and give you peace of mind that your monthly bills don’t exceed your expectations.
  • When a house becomes a possible purchase I provide a complete market analysis. This will show you trends in the area and help us to make an informed choice before going ahead with a purchase. Rest assured that from opening negotiations through closing the sale I will be there to make your Purchase as STRESS FREE as possible.

We have successfully helped hundreds of RCMP & DND members with the sale of their homes in Edmonton and the surrounding area. All of our real estate partners are on the BGRS supplier list including lawyers and certified property inspectors. If you need assistance with your mortgage approval, we have mortgage brokers who are familiar with the military buy-downs. 

The Canadian Armed Forces Base Edmonton Garrison is also known as the “Steele Barracks”. It is the 3rd Canadian Division Support Base located a few minutes of the city, about 20 minutes east of the popular military town of Morinville and a half hour from Gibbons and Bon Accord which offer great properties with more affordable prices.
I am here to answer questions you may have including the best places to purchase a home on your house hunting trip, knowing you may be posted out at any time. I will ensure that the home you purchase will be the best for resale purposes, saving you time, money and stress on your next HHT.

Buying When Posted to CFB Edmonton Garrison

For all of our HHT clients, we ensure a member of our team is available to the military member 24/7, which means they receive the attention needed to make an informed and educated purchase, eliminating “house buying” stress making a more enjoyable house hunting trip.
Prior to your home hunting trip (HHT), we understand your time is limited and we will take steps needed to ensure you can look at as many properties as possible that meet your criteria.  Before you leave your Current Base will will have provided you with the following information:
1. Up to date market information on the areas you are most interested in
2. Tips and realtor secrets on buying a perfect home which will keep or gain resale value
3. Pre-booked your property inspection with a certified property inspector who is also on the Approved Brookfield IRP list, avoiding time delays.
4. Preview and researched any properties which caught your attention prior to your arrival, to ensure there are no disappointments when you view them.
5. We can recommend accommodations for your HHT including hotels which cater to our military members.
6. If required provide access to Mortgage Brokers who have experience dealing with Military Relocations.
We have expertise in providing Real Estate knowledge in pricing and value for CFB Edmonton Garrison and Alberta RCMP K Division Headquarters. We know these areas better than anyone else. We have access to all brand new and used homes in communities near CFB Edmonton and Alberta RCMP Headquarters like Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton, St. Albert, Morinville and Fort Saskatchewan.

Information Required Before Arrival:

  • Priorities required for your new home —location, size, age, parking, etc.
  • The timing of your house hunting trip and your posting date
  • School requirements (if any)
  • What kind of pets you have (if any), and their requirements (fenced yard, condo that allows dogs, etc.)

What to Bring with You:

  • Slip-on shoes or boots
  • Measurements of any large or important furniture you’ll be moving
  • Your Brookfield Relocation File Number – your home inspector may require this if they bill Brookfield directly
  • A personal cheque (or a few) for your deposit (a bank draft or wire transfer can be arranged if you don’t have any)

We Belong to the #1 Directory for Military & RCMP Relocations in Canada.   Trust the Top Professionals when planning your Relocation